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I set up Boutique Pilates in 2012 out of a desire to provide a welcoming, friendly environment for my clients to practice Pilates. My passion for the Pilates Method inspired me to teach and share this unique method with others. Experiencing the many benefits physically and mentally for myself, I feel very fortunate to be able to give this back through my teaching.


Why a Boutique? Quite simply, I want give my clients a more personable and memorable customer service, to make you feel good in the way you do when you shop from an individual, local shop.

I am trained in the Body Control Pilates method, widely recognised as the benchmark for the safe and effective teaching of the highest quality- it's  Europe's largest professional Pilates association. I am certified in Ante and Post-natal Pilates having taught many mums-to-be throughout their pregnancies and also after giving birth. Passionate about learning in more depth how Pilates can address specific concerns, I've  taken further courses in Bone Health and am a Licensed Buff Bones® instructor. Buff Bones® is a medically endorsed, full body exercise system for bone and joint health.


Most recently, I've attended courses in Slings Myofascial Training and I love to incorporate some of these elements into my teaching. I'm working towards my Teaching Certificate Foundation Level and completing a theory assessment.


Pilates targets the deep postural muscles helping to strengthen your core, as well as improving posture and enabling you to move better and more freely. It promotes flexibility, improving range of motion in your joints and challenges and improves your balance. It is empowering to feel your body strengthen and lengthen through regular practice. Many pilates exercises are particularly beneficial for those recovering from injuries and it's also a wonderful complement to sports. 

"Since starting Pilates classes with Victoria, it is hard for me to believe that a year ago I wasn't in any good physical state with multiple injuries and now I am healthy and have hardly any pain" RW


Barre incorporates the precision of Pilates with the conditioning, moves, grace and technique of ballet and the alignment of yoga. In my barre classes you can expect to stretch and sculpt your muscles, whilst burning fat. Balance, stretch, stamina, power and coordination all improve. Often the use of small props such as a ball, resistance bands and weights are incorporated into the workout. I am a qualified BarreConcept® teacher.

'I look forward to Victoria's Barre class each week. Her way of teaching is calm and considered whilst working you very hard and her attention to technique and detail is excellent. The classes have made me stronger, fitter and make me feel positive about life and I love that the exercises differ each week. Victoria is a wonderful instructor and I highly recommend her classes." JB

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